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HOW TO TRANSFER OR MIGRATE ACCOUNT FROM VALIANT TO BARATAYUDA SERVER INDONESIA PLUS CHANGE LANGUAGE FROM BAHASA INDONESIA TO ENGLISH. AOV STEP BY STEP ACCOUNT MIGRATION. AOV STEP BY STEP ACCOUNT TRANSFER. AOV TRANSFER SERVER. AOV VALIANT to BARATAYUDA SERVER. AOV FREE HERO. AOV FREE SKIN. AOV MIGRATE SUCCESS. AOV TRANSFER SUCCESS. ACCOUNT MIGRATION PROCESS Step 1: Login to the account transfer website at: Step 2: Login your Valiant Server account on the website, check if the items listed on the website are correct. Step 3: Download AOV ID client and register a new account in Baratayuda Server, go to Settings – General – scroll down to Player ID to copy the player ID. Step 4: Enter the player ID in the website to confirm the transfer, please take note that each account can be transferred for one time only. Step 5: Wait for a few minutes and login Baratayuda Server to check if your items are transferred via in game mails. ACCOUNT MIGRATION FAQ: 1. When and how long is the migration process? Migration will start on 4:00 PM (GMT+8) 11th April 2019 and ends 4:00 PM (GMT+8) 10th May. The migration period is time-limited and no further transfers will be accommodated once the migration is over. 2. What items can be transferred? All purchased and earn in-game items are eligible for transfer such as: – Skins (Together with the avatar frames that come along with some of the skins) – Heroes – Vouchers – Gold – Gems (Incld. Sacred Rubies, Magic Crystals, and Magic Draw Tickets) – Lv 3 Arcanas only Due to the nature of the migration process, your in-game record will not be transferred such as: – Match History Data (Hero win rates, number of MVPs, win rates, etc.) – Arcana Pages – Friends List – Guild (for Guild leaders, please check your in game mail for the compensation) There will be a welcome package provided upon successful migration as compensation. 3. What are the top-up and pricing changes? Voucher – You can still top up with your current App Store/Google Store account. 4. Help! I can’t migrate my account If you have problems with your account transfer, please fill in this form: 5. Will there be any changes to the current official AOV MSP platforms? Yes. Moving forward, please refer to for the latest social media updates. For the official website, please refer to for the latest news and updates. #TransferAccount #AOV #AlamkoGaming Like and Follow us @ Facebook: Twitter: Twitch: Website:

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