Naruto Game: Ultimate Ninja Blazing

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.  just released the Naruto Multiplayer RPG Game named “Ultimate Ninja Blazing”. It can be play the mission with your friends maximum of three person in one team. The is turn-base game like Final Fantasy VII which we posted recently.  The more exciting on this game there features called “Combination Attacks” with the help of your allies, powerful move will execute to damage to the enemy in one turn.

The game has 3 game mode that you can play the “Story”, “Emergency Mission” and “Phantom Castle”. In Story mode,  you can re-live Naruto’s adventures. Mostly the epic scenes in the anime with intense battle. While Emergency Mission, is a quick mission that can be play as solo to collect rare items. Lastly, the Phantom Castle the mode which you can compete with other player to become the Ultimate Ninja and be the top player on Phantom Castle!


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  1. Aisa says:

    Cool game!

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