How To Calibrate and Re-calibrate Smartphone’s Battery

We all know most devices and gadgets now are powered by battery. The main problem mostly we encounter is draining is to fast. I collect some useful tips to lessen the speed of draining and make it last long the life of your battery.

[1] Calibrate Battery for New Purchase Device

  1. Drain the battery up to 10%
  2. Charge your phone while on OFF status until it fully charged(100%)
  3. Then remove the charger and turn it ON. Then hang the phone while in ON status for atleast 30 minutes(Don’t use for now)
  4. After 30 minutes, Either battery life decline or not, Plug again your charger on your device and CHARGE it again for another 30 minutes(Don’t use for now)
  5. Once fully charged again. Congratulations your battery successfully calibrated.

[2] Re-calibrating Battery

  1. Switch off your phone, then plug in charger and fully charge it. Once you got fully charged notification, remove the charger and switch on your phone.
  2. Now, you need to leave your phone until its battery reaches 0 per cent life and turns itself off.
  3. Now, if you fully charge your phone while it is off, your phone should calibrate itself and work at its optimal level. Reconnect the charger and wait for it to fully charge again.

[3] Apps with battery saver features
There are lots of applications available on Playstore and iTunes.

[4] Observed Temperature
If you think your device is too hot unlike normal temperature when browsing, playing games and other activities. Turn off first your device. If the battery is removable, remove it and place it in cool place. Turn it on once the temperature lessen.

[5] Tested Charging Device/Accessories
The best charging device is from manufacturer. The item that includes upon purchase. Also you can try and used the Magneto Magnetic charging cable for alternative on your defective charger’s cable. The good news is it is compatible for Android and iOs devices.



  • Type: USB A to magnetic connector
  • Standard charging current: 2.4A
  • Length: 3.28Ft

Charging and Data transmission:

  • 10 times more durable than original cables
  • strengthened Cable
  • MFI certified by Apple. No more IOS incompatibility issues
  • Ultra fast charging
  • high quality charger cable
  • Magnetic cable

To know more about this product check and visit Widgetcity.


Note: If your battery stills draining too fast, then a replacement might be an appropriate solution. Also, try by deleting system cache from recovery.


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