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What how funny and op the 5 mages on MCL Tournament. Team Alamko Gaming used the following mages: ESMERALDA, CHANG’E, ODETTE, GORD, AND NANA on Mobile Legends Bang Bang. ML ESMERALDA. ML CHANG’E. ML ODETTE. ML GORD. ML NANA. ML ESMERALDA BEST ITEM BUILD. ML CHANG’E BEST ITEM BUILD. ML ODETTE BEST ITEM BUILD. ML GORD BEST ITEM BUILD. ML NANA BEST ITEM BUILD. ML ESMERALDA BEST GAMEPLAY. ML CHANG’E BEST GAMEPLAY. ML ODETTE BEST GAMEPLAY. ML GORD BEST GAMEPLAY. ML NANA BEST GAMEPLAY. ALM SQUAD on Mobile Legends. Team Alamko Gaming on Mobile Legends. #5Mages #MCL #MLBB Like and Follow us @ Discord: Facebook: Patreon: Instagram: Youtube: Twitter: Twitch: Omelet: Website:

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