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Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage. 2nd Anniversary Summon! Thanks for 2 years! Power of Salvation Shadow/Light Step Summon Underway! A Step Summon featuring Naruto Uzumaki (Six Paths Sage Mode) and Sasuke Uchiha (Rinne Sharingan) Ninja Cards is now available! NxB Naruto Uzumaki Six Paths Sage Mode. NxB Sasuke Uchiha Rinne Sharingan. NxB Naruto Six Paths Sage Mode Ultimate Jutsu. NxB Sasuke Rinne Sharingan Ultimate Jutsu. #NarutoUzumakiSixPathsSage Mode #SasukeUchihaRinneSharingan #NxB Like and Follow us @ Discord: Facebook: Patreon: Instagram: Youtube: Twitter: Twitch: Omelet: Website:

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